Transfers - Info and Conditions – Rio Tickets



Everything you need to know before booking our Shuttle transfers to the Carnival Parade

1. Prices are per person for the round trip. from your pick-up point to the sambódromo and back to the pick up point.

2. In order for us to keep the best service – Reservations for the Regular shuttle can only be done up to 1 week in advance.

3. This service is not Private – in order to reserve a private Transfer please contact us, Remember that small cars cannot get access to enter the sambódromo, only 15 seat Van or bigger.

4. Cancelation can be done up to 60 day prior of the Carnival.

5. Pick up point – The shuttle have pick up point all around Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon, Botafogo. When reserve the Transfer remember to let us know where do you sleep so we can post for you the closest pick up point possible.

6. It’s very important to mention the right Sector, as the par and the impar is needed a whole different shuttle. Rio-Tickets is not responsible for any delay, misunderstanding, and time lost due to writing the wrong Sector at the reservation.

7. For those who purchase a VIP Lounge – remember, the service includes shuttles supplied from the VIP Lounge.

8. The transfer out to the show will be made only once. The client's responsibility is not to be late. Rio-Tickets is not responsible if the client misses his scheduled transfer because he didn't arrive to the pick up point on time, and refun won't be possible.

9. The drop off point and pick up point will be the same, all the imapars/pars sector will be notified upon arrival by our stuff where they should be meet our stuff when wanting to return.

10. Three different time slots will be provided for the transfer back: Each will be 15 minutes after the finish of the 4th, 5th and 6th (last) samba schools parades. Our representative will wait and direct you back to the bus.

11. Please be aware – The stadium area is very difficult to access during carnaval, and heavy traffic jams can cause delays. Rio-Tickets is not responsible to delays occurring because of this traffic. We always advise, before you decide to purchase the shuttle service to check if the Metro system is good for you (which can be sometimes less comfortable but usually a bit faster).